Privacy Policy

In order for Nature’s Best Photography Asia (NBPA) to handle personal information, NBPA will abide by the Privacy Policy set forth as follows:

Acquisition of Personal Information

Acquisition of personal information (including names, addresses, telephone numbers, mail addresses, inquiry histories and contents, and request contents of individuals) by NBPA shall be limited to the extent being necessary and in a fair and lawful manner, and NPBA shall restrict itself in use of personal information strictly to the purpose described below.

Purpose of Acquisition of Personal Information

NBPA may acquire and keep personal information only for the following purposes:
■ to provide products or services, including photo contests, product sales, and magazine distribution
■ to present, publicize, release or disclose contest information, exhibition information, service information, and other related information of NBPA, including sending of catalogues, new product information, books, magazines, or mailing magazines.
■ to communicate with prize winners for sending prizes and other purposes concerning the prizes
■ to verify attendees and participants of exhibitions and seminars and subsequently to communicate and correspond with them
NBPA may use the personal information for statistics on condition that any individual of such information cannot be identified from such statistics.

Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

NBPA shall not disclose any personal information to any third party except in the cases listed as below:

  • (1) Where NBPA obtains consent from the individual;
  • (2) Where NBPA shares the information with Nature’s Best Photography and its affiliates.
  • (3) Where the authority requires such disclosure or such disclosure is admitted by the Personal Information Protection Law and other relevant laws

Ensuring proper use of Personal Information
Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph of this article, NBPA shall ensure that any information shared with third parties shall be only used for the purposes enumerated in Article 2 above and handled properly in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Management of Personal Information

NBPA shall take all necessary and appropriate security measures to prevent personal information from being wrongfully disclosed, lost or damaged, and to secure the safety of the personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and other regulations of NBPA concerning information management.


Inquiries from individuals concerning their own personal information, including verifying the purpose of the use of the personal information, sharing opinions or conveying complaints with respect to personal information handling, will be forwarded to the section or person to which the individuals initially provided their personal information.


NBPA will comply with relevant laws and regulations, and will endeavor to improve its handling and management of personal information constantly.